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What is an ICHRA?

An ICHRA puts your business in control of rising employee health insurance costs and gives your employees freedom in choosing the right plan for themselves and their families.

With an ICHRA the employer sets the monthly budget for providing health benefits to their employees. The employees pay for a portion of their monthly premiums with pre-tax dollars from their payroll. The employees then choose the health insurance plans they would like from any individual plans available in their area.

We partner with NEXBEN to provide your company with top tier technology to make implementation, plan selection, management and reporting of your ICHRA easy and seamless for your business, saving you time and money.

What is Reference Based Pricing?

Save your business up to 20% on your annual employee health insurance costs and provides your employees with superior benefits.

Our company offers Allstate Benefits suite of Employee Health Insurance and Benefits, including Bundling Discounts, elite customer support, management, technology and reporting tools. 

Reference based pricing allows your employees to see any doctor they want with out PPO restrictions. This option is available this year for the first time in Colorado.

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What is Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC)?

For companies with more than 50 employees that need to provide Health Insurance to their employees to comply with the government mandate but your budget doesn't allow you to offer full or even partial benefits, you may want to inquire about MEC. 

The MEC Advantage Plan is a strategy that is compiled of a MEC plan, composite-rated indemnity plans, and major medical plans. We help protect instead of penalize businesses. That means protect businesses and their employees families by providing insurance plans at an affordable rate while ensuring compliance with the Affordable Care Act, or ACA. We also include telemedicine, coverage, a discount RX card, accident and critical illness coverage.

Minimum Essential Coverage plans which meet the government directive for the employee and the employer. These plans are substantially less expensive than traditional medical insurance and serve as a low cost solution for most companies.

What about Employee Benefits? 

We offer Gap. Disability, Life and More. We have what you need to attract and keep the top talent in your vertical. We offer top tier solutions and competitive pricing.

Our Vive Technology Quickly Finds the Perfect Life Insurance Policy at the
Best Price from Companies You Trust!


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